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M2M Scada Aggregates output track                                                           pdf

  Mined stones from the Quarry are processed into different sizes of aggregates through crushers of different capacities and finally conveyed through belts to the trucks for onward transportation.

The  requirement that is met:

                       Monitoring of production on a continuous basis so that every tonne of aggregate is accounted for is the dire need of the construction industry where aggregate usage accounts for up to 40% (by weight) of material consumed. With the Conveyor Belt On line Weighing system the customer is enabled to:

                 »  View the display on PCs locally or on Internet        
                 »  Monitor multiple scales from single a screen
                 » View alarms when production is out of range            
                 » Save Excel Compatible data on USBstick.
                 » Monitoring of production with real time trend graphs.
                 » Connect to printer and print trend graphs
 How it works :

                        A conveyor scale is made up of a weigh bridge located on top of load cells, an electronic integrator, and a belt speed sensor. When a product or material is placed on the belt, the integrator receives two data signals: one from the load cells and one from the belt speed sensor. The belt speed sensor is connected to a tailor bend pulley and sends the information to the integrator as electronic pulses per revolution. Once the integrator has the information from both points, it makes a calculation based on the equation Weight x Speed = Rate. The answer to how much material is on the belt is then translated in pounds or tons per hour. Factors such as conveyor length, angle, speed, and material type are analyzed and incorporated into the design to get accurate and repeatable weighments.

Some of the design features:
         The supply is from a leading Belt Scale Manufacturer in USA

arrowThe Integrator (lP65) can be mounted near the Weigh Bridge itself thereby saving on costly signal cables, walkie-talkies for calibration etc.

arrowThe State of the art Controller uses only 2PCBs which are of Surface mounted Technology and are very compact. With an additional PCB it becomes a controller for Weigh Feeders and WagonlTruck Load outs and connecting to PLC etc.

arrow 2/4 load cells are mounted directly under the Idler station, thereby reducing friction in Load transfer and improving repeated long term accu racy.

arrowUpto 8/20 Controllers can be networked and connected to our Special remote touch screen display, with IP address and the readings can be viewed overthe Internet on 10 Computers.
arrowBy adding a Panel the scale can be converted as a Load out for Trucks / wagons.

arrowOur Belt scale requires least maintenance except for checking of Idler station alignment for line level and gauge, periodically.

arrowThe Microprocessor controlled Integrator has "state of the art" electronics with a special 'user friendly' software. The digital speed sensor generates 200 pulses ensuring accurate speed measurement, while the conventional Tacho meters generates around 25-30 Pulses.
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