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About Us

M2M Scada Solutions Private Limited is a unit of a group of companies with over 30 years of rich experience in providing needed IT and related services to several industrial verticals. At M2M we focus all of our efforts on delivering solutions and services that bring bottom-line benefits to our customers.

We enable companies to intelligently monitor and manage their businesses, with reduced risks and costs. By deploying M2M Application solutions can be implemented quickly and seamlessly. Technology that offers GSM/GPRS, 3G HSDPA, CDMA and Wi-Fi network connectivity to develop your own M2M application or solution.

Machince-to-Machine Solutions:

M2M delivers full visibility and control across the entire implementation: Industrial devices, Industrial applications, enterprise system integration, 24x7 monitoring, messaging, and problem notification.


Provides device optimized user experience that encourages adoption and minimizes training. Proven: Fully referenceable customer base

What You Benefit from Us:

  • Proactive monitoring of all assets, with in-built transit visibility
  • Analytical and comprehensive reporting features
  • Achieve significant Maintenance cost savings
  • 24/7 acess to current operational data and messaging from a central location or remotely

Why M2mScada products?:

  • The product are in compliance with latest technology and Industry Standards
  • Equipment subjected to stringent quality tests

Energy Condition Monitoring Systems


Transformers are a vital part of the overall smart grid, as well as the deeper transmission and distribution system. Monitoring transformer condition online can prevent outages that are costly to repair and result in a loss of service and devices. For reliable energy flow is paramount, transformers are absolutely critical. It is also amongst the most expensive assets to protect and monitor on the grid.

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DG Set

Make sure your generator is ready to start when needed! No matter which brand of generator or control panel you are using, M2M Scada gives you online access to your genset, 24/7.

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By On-line Monitoring, Wind Mill Owner/Maintenance Manager will have in order to i) increase performance, ii) reduce failure risks and iii) cut maintenance costs. Compared to traditional Wind Mill data recording, which are performed onsite (located at areas which are difficult to access), online monitoring gives the asset owner access to information about real-time condition, even from remote locations. When changes in conditions are detected, the operator is notified immediately enabling him to take immediate rectification action, as required.

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Solar Monitor provides a personalised and comprehensive analysis of your solar power system's performance and how to monitor the solar panels' output in the long run. Convenient and easy to use, the Monitoring is Cloud-based, you can access the user-friendly dashboard at any time from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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M2M SCADA On Line Substation Asset Monitoring system OLSAM provides the answer to the unique challenge faced by electrical substations facing the problems of increased electricity demand and frequent stoppages caused by breakdowns. OLSAM is a cost effective solution. It provides all the technical information required to maintain utmost availability and at the same time maximize performance, including loading and lifetime benefits. It is Cost effective.

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Energy Meters

Energy monitoring and targeting is a management approach that enables firms to manage energy as a controllable resource in the same way as they manage other resources such as finance and people.

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Street Light

Street lights serve as a significant load for common places managed by the distribution utilities. It is often found that manual operation of street lights gives space for inefficient operations. Automatic control of such electrical loads not only ensures reliable operation but also saves significant quantum of energy.

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80% of UPS failures are due to undetected battery problems If you’re operating mission critical systems and relying on the protection of a UPS and battery bank, then it has to make sense to have battery monitoring.

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Infra Trak Monitoring Systems

Vehicle Trak

GPS based vehicle tracking system. Tracking device fitted in a not so easily accessible place in the truck continuously collects data regarding location, speed of vehicle, fuel particulars and transmits to back end computer to enable easy and effective monitoring in real time.

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Quarry Trak

Where traditional satellite based technologies don't perform, RFID enabled vehicle tracking of truck movement is a solution to accurately track cycle times and monitor productivity. As a robust, industrial solution, Quarry Trip Track is designed to operate in harsh conditions.

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RMC load Trak

RMC plant located within the unit's premises, in the close proximity to the quarry, mixes ingredients and delivers RMC to the transit mixers, generally of 6 CuMtrs capacity.

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Paver Trak

M2M Scada Paver Trip Track pdf M2M PaverTrip Track uses Intelligent Long Range (ILR)RFID tags. This technology features a field loop marker providing two detection ranges: a long range of about 300 feet (100 meters) and a short range of about 10 feet (3 meters).

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Load Trak

Capture load data as the loading is on, from the front end loader/shovel to the tipper or other trucks. Data made available on the drivers dashboard and data transmitted to back ends at HQ online

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Portable Weigh Trak

Load data capture at the time of unloading at the construction site/highway pavement site in order to ensure that there is no difference between the material weight at the loading and unloading points. Ability to carry the weighing pads that are portable and weigh consignment ay any place of choice Obviate the need for expensive weigh bridges if the project duration is short.

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