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  You can count on us to get you benefits that pays off your investment
  within 6 months

   Reducing haulage up to 15%
   Reduction of  downtime - up to 10%
   Increase in the vehicles turnaround- up to 15%
   Decrease in fuel and lubricants expenses- up to 15%
   Better Management Control
   Decrease in expenses on telephone communications intended to find out the current information of your Devices    

Transformer Monitoring 

Wind Turbine Monitoring 

Infrastructure Monitoring 

Load Monitoring 

Fuel Monitoring 
M2M as Your In-House Monitoring System
For any period of time:a shift, 24 hours, a month, the entire working period
For an individual vehicle , a group of vehicles or for the entire vehicle fleet
By mileage, machine hours, emergency situations, fuel and oil consumption, work hours, etc.
An option of interaction with the contractors based on the data provided by the tracking system
M2M managers will prepare consolidated reports and present the same to Project Management and make themselves
 available, if so desired by the management, during the review meetings, both at project site as well as at HQ.
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